Monday, December 15,2014.  Today's practice went better than the last time.  We still need to work on communication, setting the right person, calling for the ball, and making smart decisions.  In other words, we need to do the little things that other teams will not do.  If you follow our teaching, be willing to change, and incorporate these changes;  then there is a chance to develop you into a better player.  

Wednesday, December 17,2014. We had a joined session with Coach Nick's teams (16s). Our practice was a non stop, high intensity practice. We had a great mix of all the players. The Goals of the practice were to communicate better, get into a defensive position, flavor the entire court from a variety of positions, and above all - to put a hand on the ball. After all, a good player must be able to play a variety of positions. We did several drills to accomplish these goals - great job everyone, you did try your best. Later, we went to our regular squad for a 15 pt scrimmage. The pace, the coverage, and the chemistry was there. You were all winners last night. Keep pushing.  

Thursday, December 18,2014. Today our practice was a bit more focused and motivated than the last session. We need to have a better understanding about the two defensive systems, and why are they important in a high skilled level. The more we practice these two the better off we will be. Mental attitude is also an issue at times. Remember, there is nothing you can do a about a past play, but you can do something about the next play. Let it go and start over. College coaches want to see how good of a leader you are, and how do you handle adversity - please keep this in mind. Great job today ladies!    

Wednesday, January 9,2015

Our practices have placed our team on tournament mode.  We have continued to improve our skills overall in preparation to our first tournament. I am very proud of the players that have and continue to put in the time to get better.  I hope others will follow as they see your improvement. We are ready for this weekend.  Let's go get them.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Our first order of business today was a team meeting joined by the 16's team. The purpose of the meeting was to talk about all the things we did well at the tournament, as well as some of the things we did not do as well.  Things to improve include: communication, leadership, hitting, covering, blocking, mental attitude.  We felt great about being team playesr, but our efforts need to be consistent - this I believe will continue to improve.  We also felt that our teams will peak by early March.  Great practice last night. We need to continue to develop the killer instincts of our outside and middle hitters.